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Despite having been on the market for only a little more than 20 years, Snow has been known as the top-selling beer in the entire world since 2008. Brewed by SABMiller/China Resources Enterprises, Snow came into being in 1993 with the modest beginnings of production in only three breweries.

Considered the most popular beer in China by a long lead, it now takes 90 breweries that are located throughout the country to keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

Each year, the company turns out some 2.6 billion gallons of this fizzy, light-yellow lager that offers an alcohol content of 3.9 percent and mild Saaz hops that are grown in the Czech Republic, and sales of this beer account for a market share of about 5.4 percent. Snow is sold almost entirely within China's borders, and it is known by the locals as the Snowflake beer.

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